Development Plan Timeline

The Development Plan 2034 (DP) is a planning blueprint for all development (promotion and regulation) in the municipal area of Greater Mumbai. The DP document essentially comprises development control and promotion regulations (DCPR), proposed land use maps (DP Sheets) and a report on the development plan (DP Report).

The revision for the DP 2034 for Greater Mumbai began in mid-2009. The DCPRs have been sanctioned in their entirety. The DP sheets are divided into two parts- Excluded Part or EP which are parts of the DP that were not sanctioned and were open for public inspection and Sanctioned Modification or SM which are parts of the DP that were sanctioned. The Excluded Part of the DP sheets is currently in the process of receiving partial sanctions.

UDRI’s engagement with the DP process began in 2008. For the last 13 years, we have been involved with the process and at every stage tried to make the process inclusive and accessible to all the stakeholders. In order to provide better tools to understand these documents, and to further UDRI’s mandate to make the planning process Open, Efficient, Equitable and Sustainable, UDRI has created a series of educational tools for people to access information, in an easy to understand format, to know more about the basics of a DP, its components and how to read and access such documents online.