The Public Forum of the Urban Design Research Institute began in 1995 with a lecture series that provided a vibrant forum for talks ranging from those on the works of architects, landscape architects, conservation architects, city historians, artists and film makers to those focused on particular issues. In November 1999, the UDRI also started a lecture series called ‘Beginnings’ which focused on young practitioners who presented and shared their work with the architectural community. That same year, UDRI in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute/Max Muller Bhavan launched ‘Mumbai Lounge’, a monthly expert panel that brought together city planners, architects, cultural and social scientists as well as artists to discuss current issues of urban development in public.

Over time, the Public Forum program has evolved into a platform for dialogue through a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences with other stakeholders in the city, leading to framing alternatives on issues relevant to the city. Many of these forums have generated ideas that have had a direct impact on public policy. The Urban Conservation Legislation, the Commission on the Textile Mill Lands and the current advocacy related to Mumbai’s Development Plan all emanated from these workshops.

UDRI conducts various competitions to generate critical understanding about urban issues in Mumbai. These competitions encourage concerned citizens, students, researchers and professionals from various fields to focus on finding out-of-the-box solutions to address issues relating with urbanisation. Know More