Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI), in collaboration with the OVAL Trust, OCRA, NPCCA and KGA, as part of the Federation of Residents Trust (FORT) was part of a collective effort to successfully nominate Mumbai’s Victorian and Art Deco Ensembles for a UNESCO World Heritage Inscription. On 1st July 2018, Mumbai’s Victorian and Art Deco Ensembles were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is the first such nomination dossier from India drafted by citizen groups and civil society organisations.

The Inscription is for ensembles in two heritage precincts in the Fort and Marine Drive precincts, namely, a 19th Century collection of Victorian structures and Art Deco buildings dating back to the 20th Century. Interestingly, both these precincts are conjoined by the Oval Maidan. To know more about these iconic structures, watch ‘Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles of Mumbai, World Heritage Site’, available here.

UDRI is looking for quotations for its Signage Plan for UNESCO Inscribed World Heritage Site for the Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles of Mumbai. Please find below a link to the Bill of Quantities (BoQ) for the same. The printed copy of the filled BoQ should reach UDRI on or before Tuesday, 24th December 2019*, 12.00 noon IST. The Printed copy should be in a sealed envelope with stamp and sign on every page.

*As requested by bidders, the date has been extended to 24th December 2019, 12 noon IST. Change made on 20th December 2019.

Bidder will be expected to exhibit experience in similar work of a similar nature and scale.

Bidder will also have to submit an earnest money deposit of INR 50,000/- as a Demand Draft in the favour of ‘Urban Design Research Institute’. This will be returned to unsuccessful bidders and adjusted against the retention amount of the selected bidder.

BoQ Link

UDRI reserves the right to accept/reject any BoQ/Bid.


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