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The revision in the Development Plan (DP) 2014-34 for the City has been underway for the last 3 years. The Mumbai Development Plan 2034 came into force from the 25th of February 2015 as per Section 26 of the MR&TP Act 1966. Suggestions and objections had been called on the same till the 24th of April 2015. Owing to the bulk of objections raised, the faulty Plan was scrapped by the State Government and asked to be reworked by the Municipality. Till such time as this DP is finally approved the stricter of the two provisions will be applicable (Section 46 of the MR&TP Act 1966).
A Development Plan is a plan for the development or redevelopment of an area within the jurisdiction of a planning authority. The DP is the most important document affecting the provision of basic services in the region under consideration. It is a map that defines which land parcels in the city would be reserved for public use. It is a document that sets the path for making Mumbai a livable city.
The Maharashtra Region and Town Planning Act specifies that every municipal corporation must prepare a development plan to be implemented over 20 years. The last development plan for Mumbai was prepared in 1981 and was adopted only thirteen years later, in 1994. Thus a new plan, which is valid for 20 years has been prepared since 2014 and will be in force till 2034.
he public authority responsible for the DP is the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). For the revision of the DP, the MCGM had selected an external consultant through a tendering process, who developed the current draft plan. The people of Mumbai have a say in the process of preparation of the DP as it is going to affect them for a period of 20 years or more which is the equivalent of an entire generation. Thus, making citizen’s response to this document even more important than voting.
The Draft Development Plan for Mumbai 2014-2034, along with Draft Development Control Regulations, has been published in the Gazette and the News Papers. Suggestions/Objections/Comments were requested within 60 days of its release. As a result of UDRI’s concerted and unrelenting campaign of disseminating the knowledge and understanding of the complicated details of the DP documents to stake holders in the city and of the many errors both obvious and fundamental, the faulty Plan was put on hold by the State Government and asked to be reworked by the Municipality. A disaster was thus averted and now UDRI is working closely with the authorities and the stake holders to rectify both the obvious errors and the fundamental flaws of the Plan.
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