This project has been initiated under the Fort Management Plan.

UDRI has always promulgated the need for prioritising the movement of pedestrians over other modes of Transport. As a part of Fort Management Plan initiated by UDRI, intensive studies were carried out in the Fort precinct to understand pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The report recommended urban design interventions to improve pedestrian-priority movement and to upgrade the walking experience.
One of the pilot sites of intervention identified in the report is the stretch from Metro Cinema junction to Regal Cinema in the south near Colaba, a crucial spine of the Fort heritage precinct.

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Site documentation revealed several barriers to pedestrian mobility, key examples of which include substandard and uneven paving, positioning of hawkers, BMC chowkies, Fashion Street stalls, inadequate or disused utilities and insufficient road crossings. Based on these observations, UDRI has made specific recommendations to Ward A officials.

The proposal includes relocating chowkies, accommodating hawkers and Fashion Street stalls more efficiently, re-engineering footpaths, re-designing bus-stops and reallocating parking to enhance pedestrian mobility and increase visibility of Cross Maidan and Azad Maidan on either side of M.G road.

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