This project has been initiated under the Fort Management Plan.

The internal streets of Fort area are overcrowded with parked vehicles, street food vendors, hawkers, etc. making it difficult for pedestrian commuters to navigate the area. Removing one of the elements — like vehicular traffic – can greatly reduce the congestion in the streets. This was one of the recommendations in the Fort Management Plan initiated by UDRI in 2003.

Four major internal streets considered for pedestrianisation as a pilot are: Nagindas Master Road, Perin Neriman Road, Bora Bazaar Road, and K. Dubash Marg. The conversion may begin on a trial basis — making it pedestrian friendly for a few hours on weekdays and extending this to weekends. Soft pedestrian-friendly policies may be slowly adopted in phases to reclaim the streets. Later, once the space is reclaimed, physical interventions may follow. The eventual results should be a fully pedestrian-friendly street, free of motorized vehicles.

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