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THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS -The Grade I Heritage of Mumbai

“Through the Looking Glass – The Grade I Heritage of Mumbai” is available for reference at UDRI Resource Centre.


The Grade I buildings of a city represent the most precious heritage of its people, their greatest cultural assets and the strongest visions of its builders. These heritage structures are thus symbolic of the finest architectural aspirations of the city and form the icons that build up its public memory.
And yet, they are also some of the most vulnerable pieces of heritage, in need of constant care and nurturing. They need to be safeguarded from not only inherent problems of age and decay, but also from threats caused by insensitive repair and alterations.
In order to preserve this valuable legacy, it is imperative to constantly monitor its condition, assess the various issues that threaten its integrity and then to follow it up with assertive action.
This book gives an account of the history and status of the Grade I structures, explaining their selection in the Grade I category and outlining the steps needed for their continued preservation and future maintenance.


  1. Introduction
  2. Public Building
    1. Prince of Wales Museum
    2. Elphinstone College
    3. David Sassoon Library
    4. Bombay University
    5. Town Hall (Asiatic Society Library)
    6. General Post Office
    7. Crawford Market (Mahatma Phule Market)
    8. Mani Bhawan
    9. Lady Wellingdon Ambulance Building
    10. BEST House
  3. Religious Structures
    1. St. John’s Church (Afghan church)
    2. Hajiani Durgah Complex
    3. St. Joseph’s Church (R.C. Church)
    4. St. Thomas Cathedral
    5. Parsee Well near Flora Fountain (Bhikaji Behram Well)
    6. Mount Mary Church
  4. Railway Structures
    1. Victoria Terminus
    2. Western Railways Headquarters Building (Churchgate)
    3. Bandra Railway Station
    4. Byculla Railway Station
    5. Reay Road Railway Station
  5. Urban Artefacts: Fountains, Statues, Gateways & Memorial
    1. Flora Fountain
    2. Wellington Fountain
    3. Rusttonsee Muljee Fountain
    4. Gateway of India
    5. Bombay Port Trust Memorial
    6. Fountain in Crawford Market
    7. Fountain in St. Thomas Cathedral
    8. Marble Fountain opposite Colaba Observatory
    9. Khada Parsee Statue
    10. Milestones
    11. Crosses on Cross Roads
  6. Forts
    1. Fragment of Fort Wall
    2. Sion Fort
    3. Mahim Fort
    4. Castella de Aguada (Bandra Fort)
    5. Fort Opposite beach in Versova
  7. Open Space
    1. Oval Maidan
  8. Naval Structures and Port Installations
    1. Bombay Castle
    2. Manor House
    3. Colaba Military Area
    4. Colaba Observatory
    5. Naval Dockyard
    6. INHS Ashvini Complex
    7. Oyster Rock Islet
    8. The Prongs Lighthouse
    9. Sank Rock Lighthouse
    10. Middle Ground Islet
    11. Sassoon Dock Gate
  9. The Unsung Heritage: Structures Worthy of Grade I listing