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An Indian Diary – Shyam Chainani

“HERITAGE & ENVIRONMENT – An Indian Diary” is available for reference and purchase at UDRI Resource Centre.


This book is Shyam Chainani’s personal account of his involvement with the heritage movement in India. Focusing on the intrinsic link between heritage conservation and the environment, the author describes the many campaigns conducted by him and the NGO, the Bombay Environment Action Group (BEAG). Although the heritage movement essentially began in Bombay, Chainani describes how BEAG’s activities were extended around the country wherever and whenever the need arose. Their pioneering efforts have, in fact, influenced heritage conservation and legislation policies throughout India.
The author has written at length about the threatened dilution of the CRZ Regulation, which would be greatly detrimental to heritage sites in the country, given our long coastline and complex river systems. He has described Military Heritage and BEAG’s role in bringing, for the first time, the FSI concept into Cantonment Town and the amendment of the Cantonments Act 1924 to include provisions for protection of heritage. Other important issues discussed are the extension of the concept of heritage from the built form to natural heritage sites and the introduction of Eco Sensitive Zones.
The book is thus an invaluable record of the growing awareness about heritage and the environment in India, the processes and methodology involved and the interaction with Central and State authorities. The ceaseless determined and constructive labours of the author and BEAG have, over the past few years led to many positive changes in heritage legislation.


  1. Foreword – Naina Lal Kidwai
  2. Preface and Acknowledgments
  3. Bombay
    1. Wellington Mews
    2. Sahyadri
    3. Shantinath Jain Temple
    4. Oomer Park
    5. Military Heritage
    6. Mill Lands
    7. Elephanta
    8. Uran
    9. Panvel
    10. Thane
    11. Kalyan
  4. Beyond Bombay
    1. Poona
    2. Nagpur
    3. Kolhapur
    4. Nasik
    5. Elsewhere in Maharashtra: Aurangabad
    6. Amravati & Bhandara Districts
    7. CRZ Protection
    8. Hyderabad
    9. Model Heritage Regulations & Natural Heritage
    10. Delhi
    11. Rajasthan
    12. Punjab
    13. Pachmarhi
    14. Eco Sensitive Zones
    15. Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani
    16. Matheran
    17. Hill Stations
    18. Cantonment Towns
  5. Gujarat
    1. Ahmedabad
    2. Udvada
    3. Champaner
  6. Costal Regulation Zone (CRZ)
  7. Goa, Daman & Diu – Portugal in India
    1. Macau
    2. Anjadiv
    3. Daman
    4. Diu
    5. Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  8. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  9. Nhava , Sheva & Two Ports – Battling for Green Belts
    1. Sheva (Jawaharlal Nehru) Port
    2. Bombay Port
    3. Mainland Bridge
  10. Archaeological Protection
    1. Underi and Khanderi
    2. Vishrambag Wada
    3. Poona
    4. Konkan Railway
  11. Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act (MRTP Act)
  12. Globalisation
    1. England
    2. United States of America
    3. Brazil
    4. China
    5. India
  13. Heritage Legislation Policy for India
  14. Annexures
  15. Select Bibliography
  16. Index
  17. Photo Credits.