Event Date: 14th October, 2016
Speaker: Navjot Altaf
Venue: School of Environment & Architecture, Borivali, Mumbai.

Supported by UDRI and Bombay City Policy Research Foundation

This presentation addressed questions concerning anthropogenic environmental changes that have transformed the landscape on the planet, through politics of power and politics of knowledge, in both rural and urban areas in India and other parts of the world. How all kinds of intrusion is sanctioned without much consideration for its impact on ecology, living beings, future generations, the web of life of which both people, non-people are a part. How with the models adopted for the fast development and economic growth and in the endless pursuit of profit for the few, natural resources are viewed as objects of property to be bought and sold with the proprietor possessing rights to nourish or abuse. “How to care for a possible world, does caring mean arresting wide spread denial of the violence being done to all forms of life? Can artists or creative people offer different kinds of witnessing of such sights, seen and unseen? Can creative and inclusive ways draw people into an opening- rather than recruiting them into a fixed vision of how things might be”