Brief: The Regional Plan is published once every 20 years and in principle will shape the urban planning future of the Region, which in the case of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), encompasses a population of 22.8 million people, including the 12.4 million people living in Greater Mumbai, 7 other Municipal Corporations, 9 Municipal Councils, 35 Census Towns and 994 villages.

Greater Mumbai has peaked and reached its capacity, while the rest of the Region has not seen much growth other than commuter towns which are predominantly dependent on Greater Mumbai for jobs and facilities. Greater Mumbai and the rest of the region have a symbiotic relationship, where the region is seen as the saviour. Hence, if planned properly over the 20-year Plan period, the Region will not only alleviate the issues of Greater Mumbai, but also strategically position itself between Greater Mumbai and the State and Nation.

The Regional Plan must produce an effective strategy where qualitative growth can steer the MMR to such a position, by building on its two main sectors, Finance and Services, and sustain a working population.

Draft Regional Plan: The Draft Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Plan 2016-2036 (Draft RP) and Draft Development Control Regulation 2036, set out under Section 14 of the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, 1966 (MR&TP Act 1966), were published by the MMRDA on 19th Sept 2016. The original deadline of 18th January 2017 for submission of suggestions/ objections has been extended to 25th April 2017.

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