Inviting Articles for UDRI’s Mumbai Reader 2020

Urban and social issues surrounding Greater Mumbai and its Metropolitan Region (MMR)

UDRI is calling for articles which will be considered for publication in the upcoming Mumbai Reader 2020.

The rationale for our annual publication, the Mumbai Reader, is to portray and reflect upon topical urban and social issues in Greater Mumbai and its Metropolitan Region, besides serving as a planning guide for students and professionals. The Mumbai Reader typically considers already published work, unpublished work and in some cases unpublishable work, regardless of the format. The articles will be considered for publication, so long as they have been produced post-2015.

The Reader includes a collation of the works of students, professionals and bureaucrats from the fields of urban planning, architecture, journalism, finance, environment, law, anthropology and social sciences amongst others reflecting the urban scene in Mumbai, its myriad problems, its solutions and its success stories.

Extended deadline for submission of articles

3oth June 2020

Email address for submitting the articles

Brief for Articles

  • The articles can be in the form of essays, poems, photo essays, reports;
  • The word range is 1500 to 3000, excluding the abstract, notes and references;
  • Topics covered could for example include affordable housing, livelihoods, health and education, sanitation, public transport, heritage and conservation, environment and similar subjects and any other urban concerns of Mumbai.

Instructions for Authors

  • Interested authors are requested to send articles via email, with the text in an editable format and photos/ images in jpeg format;
  • All articles will be reviewed and the editors will select a limited number of contributions according to the overall theme determined for the 2020 Reader;
  • Previously published articles can be submitted for inclusion, as long as the article fits within the above brief, and as long as it has been produced post-2015; copyright issues of previously published articles will be resolved by the author of the article;
  • The authors will need to provide UDRI with a written statement (template here) which:
  • grants UDRI the permission to print the articles in the Mumbai Reader 20;
  • allows UDRI to make copy edits to the article, as per the standard requirements of the publication;
  • acknowledges that the articles submitted will not be compensated for in monetary terms and will be free of royalty;
  • UDRI will give due credits to the author for the submitted article;
  • The copyrights of the article will remain with the author;
  • The authors of the accepted articles will be notified upon a final review of the articles.


Urban Design Research Institute

  • UDRI reserves all rights to accept or reject any article submitted without providing any reason whatsoever and any claims to demand a reasoning will not be entertained.
  • UDRI reserves all rights to unilaterally make modifications to these terms.
  • UDRI will return any hardcopy contributions back to their authors, if the article is not accepted by the editors.

About UDRI

The Urban Design Research Institute (UDRI), a non-profit non-governmental Charitable Trust, was established in 1984 to build a deeper understanding of the issues of Greater Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Through research and multi-stakeholder interactions, UDRI aims to make the City and Region inclusive and humane, while balancing the cultural heritage and social fabric with equitable growth and efficient infrastructure. UDRI’s work mainly involves research on core urban and social issues such as efficient public transport and mobility, effective policies for inclusive housing, heritage conservation and adequate standards for the provision of social amenities and infrastructure.

UDRI is structured around five key programs that support our objectives:

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